Motorized Solar Screens Services Near Me

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Motorized Solar Screens Services Near Me

Motorized Solar Screens Services Near Me: Enhancing Comfort and Style

Motorized Solar Screens Services Near Me – Motorized solar screens are the ultimate addition to home comfort, privacy and safety. With just a push of a button, they work well to keep harmful and interior fade-causing UV rays from permeating your house. Additionally, rather than squinting your eyes all day because the sun’s glare is too much, the shades filter out bright solar radiation and only allow soft natural light to fill your space, enhancing your comfort.

However, you can only accrue the benefits of motorized solar screens when they work efficiently and effectively. Ideally, your motorized solar screen should be installed and serviced by experienced technicians to guarantee smooth running and the longevity of your system of screens.

That’s where we come in; we offer client-centric motorized screen solar services near you. We are a team of experienced motorized window treatment installers and service personnel with a passion for exceeding our customers’ expectations. Whether you need new solar screens installed, want maintenance service, or want to upgrade your existing system, you can rely on our team for the best motorized solar screen services.

Understanding Motorized Solar Screens

If you’re familiar with traditional shades operated using strings to descend and close-lift solar screens, you’re familiar with using shades to protect your interior, which is essentially what motorized screens do. Motorized solar screens, however, use an electric motor to lower and raise the screen/fabric up and down at the touch of a button.

The screens are guided by a weighted slide bar running between parallel tracks on either side of the screen to ensure the screen unfurls correctly and stays in a tensioned position.

Unlike traditional solar screens, motorized solar screens allow homeowners (and businesses) to use solar screens in a wider variety of areas and use cases. For instance, you can use these systems to shade your windows, large openings, and even exterior spaces such as patios, gazebos, garages, and lanais.

Notably, the motorization allows for easier control of the system. Most motorized screens are designed and equipped to be integrated into smart homes and are controlled via a remote or wall switch.

Installation Services
We offer design and installation services, customizing the system to meet your specific needs. In consultation with you, we can install the motorized system that will meet your needs. The importance of hiring professionals like our team to install and maintain your motorized solar screens cannot be overstated on account of your family’s safety and the security of your home.

The solar screen must be installed up to spec to work as intended and accord you the expected durability of 5 to 10 years. Some of the issues we prioritize to ensure the screen functions well and is durable include levelling the shade, proper installation of the motor, and tensioning of the screen.

Aside from installation considerations, we also work with our clients to choose the type of systems that meet our client’s needs.

For instance, we may install battery-operated solar screens (on the wall, behind the shade, or in the shade systems) if you need a system that can operate amid a power blackout. We might recommend hardwired solar screens if you need to use a heavy screen many times.

Finally, if you need an energy-efficient solution to powering your southern and/or westward windows, we might elect to install solar-powered solar screens.

Motorization Mechanism

Aside from the type of system, we also help our clients choose the motorization system they need. The motorized solar screen market is awash with brands that offer motorization systems and subsystems. Some big brands include Somfy’s Sunea motor, Lutron, Acmeda, BTX, and Hunter Douglas, all of which offer differently priced systems. We will help you choose a system that works within your budget while meeting your needs.

Smart Home Integration

With the proliferation of smart home systems such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Logitech, Apple® HomeKit™, and Nest, we can integrate your solar screens into your smart home system. This gives you the command and control of your system on your smart home control systems, including your smartphone.

Maintenance And Care

We also provide homeowners with motorized solar screen maintenance and repair services. Whether you need your screens inspected for faults, wear and tear, or you need the motor replaced, we are the go-to team. While a typical motorized solar screen is designed to last as much as ten years, you can only get such a huge service life if you care for the system well. We are here to help you care for the motorized solar screens in your home.

Motorized Solar Screens
Motorized Solar Screens

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